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Electric sunglasses have solar cells for lenses

The lenses power a microprocessor, two sensors and two displays (Credit: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)






 Ben Coxworth
If you’re using the sun to power a mobile device that you’re carrying with you, it only makes sense to put the solar cells on something you’re wearing that will be receiving a lot of sunlight. With that in mind, researchers from Germany’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology have created a pair of sunglasses that generate electricity via solar cells that double as their lenses.

Organic solar cells were chosen instead of more traditional silicon cells because they’re transparent, flexible, lightweight, and can be manufactured in a variety of shapes and colors. Each solar cell lens weighs about six grams, is 1.6 mm thick, and was made to fit into a set of commercially-produced sunglass frames.

Those frames also feature added electronics in the temples, including a microprocessor, two sensors and two displays. The lenses power those electronics, which measure and display the current illumination intensity and ambient temperature as bar graphs. Although they work best in direct sunlight, each lens still generates 200 milliwatts of power under indoor illumination down to 500 lux, which is about average for most offices or living areas. Although 200 mW may not sound like much, it’s enough to power a device such as a hearing aid or a step counter.

The technology could conceivably also be applied to the windows of buildings, where it would generate much more power.

A paper on the research was recently published in the journal Energy Technology.

Source: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Newatlas. com)

Sunu band bounces sound waves to help the blind get around

Sunu can detect objects up to 13 ft (4 m) away (Credit: Sunu)




Nick Lavars
New technologies could play a vital part in improving how the visually impaired navigate their day-to-day lives. Ideas like canes and high-tech glasses are gathering some real momentum, as are smart bands like the Sunu launching this month.

Sunu is similar to some other mobility aids we have seen in the past, like the Tacit and the Virtual Cane, in that it uses a mix of sonar and haptic feedback to guide the user around obstacles. This process of echolocation is the same way bats find their way around, shooting out sound waves and then judging how far away objects are by listening in to the echoes.

In Sunu’s case, the readings taken from the sonar sensor are combined with haptic feedback to detect objects up to 13 ft (4 m) away. The closer an object, the stronger the reflected sound wave and the harder the band vibrates, while weaker vibrations indicate you’ve got a bit more space around you. How subtle these vibrations are can be customized through the companion smartphone app, though the makers say this is optional as not everybody who uses Sunu will necessarily have a smartphone. The battery is said to be good for four hours of continuous use.

Sunu is available for pre-order now through the company’s website at a price of US$250, with shipping beginning in August.

Source: Sunu via MIT Technology Review (newatlas. com)

Alzheimer’s may be detected early, via eye exam





Ben Coxworth
Presently, for a definitive diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, doctors have to perform a PET scan of patients’ brains. Not only is it expensive, but it also requires the patient to be injected with radioactive tracers. Soon, however, a simple eye scan may be all that’s required – and it could catch the disease sooner than ever before.

Considered to be one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s, plaques made up of a protein known as beta-amyloid form in victims’ brains, where they damage and destroy brain cells. These plaques are what the PET scans are looking for.

However, building on a previous study, a team from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center has discovered that these same protein deposits also occur on the retina (in the back of the eye) – the amount of plaque found there correlates with the amount of plaque in specific areas of the brain. That said, the eye scans should be able to detect the condition years before patients experience any actual symptoms.

In a clinical trial, 16 Alzheimer’s disease patients underwent a non-invasive eye exam, after first drinking a solution containing curcumin, which is found in turmeric. The curcumin caused the amyloid plaque in their retinas to light up, so it could be detected. When their scans were compared to those of a healthy control group, the connection between plaques in the retina and the brain was established. “Our hope is that eventually the investigational eye scan will be used as a screening device to detect the disease early enough to intervene and change the course of the disorder with medications and lifestyle changes,” says Dr. Keith L. Black, co-leader of the study.

A paper on the research was recently published in the journal JCI Insight.

Source: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (newatlas. com)
Silmo’s 50th Edition to Showcase Unique Awards Ceremony

An exceptional edition merits an exceptional event: Silmo’s 50th anniversary will see a unique Silmo d’Or awards ceremony. The panel of judges will be chaired by a duo of designers - Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov, who head the ON AURA TOUT VU fashion house.

The designs created by ON AURA TOUT VU reflect the free-spirited nature of Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov, who like to innovate and blend ancestral know-how, sophisticated design and precious materials with a dash of humor thrown in! They love to distort fashion and glamour, garments and accessories, along with everyday items… setting out to surprise and “re-dress” the era in which they live. All their lines and collections are in the same unconventional creative vein. Their exhilarating ingenuity and desire to play with materials, light and colors blur the lines between what is real and false. They harness the exceptional talents of the best artisans and artistic professions to ensure the creation of unique and always surprising products with a “couture” ethos.

To be more in tune with this creative yet fashionbased dimension, the Silmo D’Or optical frames and sunglasses categories will be split into two: OPTICAL FRAMES - FASHION and OPTICAL FRAMES - DESIGN, SUNGLASSES - FASHION AND SUNGLASSES - DESIGN. They will be included within the usual categories that cover the whole spectrum of the industry’s talents: VISION, LOW VISION, EQUIPMENT, SPORT, CHILDREN AND TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION.

SILMO Academy:

SILMO ACADEMY has carved out a niche for itself as a forum for dialogue and information on the latest scientific developments in the vision and optics sectors, aimed at opticians and other vision specialists both in France and abroad.

In line with tradition, 2017 symposium will take place within the framework of SILMO Paris, World Optical Fair on 6 - 9 October 2017 at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

The 2017 symposium is dedicated to DAZZLE treated in all its aspects.

The highlights of the agenda are as follows:
Saturday 7th October 10.45am: Session 1 / Dazzle: definition, process, evaluation.

Sunday 8 October 2017
10am - 1pm: Session 2 / Dazzle, environmental factors.

Monday, 9 October 2017
10am - 1pm: Session 3 / Dazzle and medical conditions

SCooperVision Introduces the clariti® 1 Day Family to Middle East



CooperVision, a leading contact lens manufacturer launched clariti® 1 day contact lenses in association with Vision Express, Middle East recently. The clariti® 1 day family will now be available in various countries of the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Jordan. clariti® 1 day offers a plethora of benefits including healthier and more comfortable contact lens wearing experience.

The launch presentation was conducted by Mr. Karl Aberdeen, Professional Development Manager ACE and was designed to showcase the product to the Optometrists from the Middle East.

Mr. Tarek Abbas, Distributors Sales Manager for MENA, CooperVision, stated that clariti® 1 day is a unique and innovative product that is created with the latest technology and keeping in mind the needs of the patient. “It is an exciting time for us to be launching the family of clariti® 1 day products, which brings third generation of silicone hydrogel lenses that have incomparable clinical benefits for patients. Vision Express, Middle East partners with us to bring the product to this market to enable a maximum reach,” Mr. Tarek stated.

Further training sessions were held for the optometrists in their respective countries, to introduce them to the features of the newly launched contact lens product from CooperVision. The robust training was aimed at educating the optometrists in understanding the product performance, and equipping them to communicate the advantages and benefits of clariti® 1 day to patients.

During the trainings, Mr. Karl touched on various topics related to the contact lens industry, including how the market is evolving towards daily disposable contact lenses, the importance of these lenses being manufactured out of silicone and its clinical benefits, and shared global statistics regarding the market dynamics. He also ran a session to highlight the significance of good communications skills for Optometrists, and shared techniques to enable them to upgrade patients from hydrogel lens to silicone hydrogel lens.

Speaking about the clariti® 1 day family by CooperVision, Mr. Karl said that it contains high water content—a key feature for comfort so eyes can stay moist and comfortable throughout the day. With the launch of clariti® 1 day, we are the first to offer the complete range of silicone hydrogel lenses including sphere, toric and multifocal lenses in the Middle East. We have a portfolio which suits the needs of the current consumer,” he emphasized.

Innovation & Quality at HKTDC Hong Kong Optical Fair 2017

Sunu can detect objects up to 13 ft (4 m) away (Credit: Sunu)




The Hong Kong Optical Fair celebrates its 25th anniversary this year from November 8-10 – testament to the highly effective platform it provides for delivering positive business results for buyers and suppliers in the global eyewear industry.

Record Buyer Numbers

The event is a one-stop sourcing platform, showcasing a comprehensive array of quality eyewear and related accessories, lenses, contact lens and optometric instruments. In 2016, more than 15,000 buyers from 100 countries and regions visited the fair, up 2.4 per cent over the previous year.

International Connect

The fair is built on two pillars: Hong Kong’s position as a major manufacturer of optical products, and the city’s reputation as an international trading hub. This year the fair is expected to feature more than 780 companies from around the world, including pavilions representing the Chinese mainland, France, Italy, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, as well as the Hong Kong Optical Manufactory Association and Visionaries of Style.

Brand Name Gallery

The acclaimed Brand Name Gallery focuses on creative, high-end fashion, presenting a showcase for over 200 quality brands and designer collections from around the world including 999.9, ic! berlin, BMW, Italia Independent, Superdry, Markus-t, Moscot, BIG HORN, People by People, LGR, EYE s CLOUD, CROCS EYEWEAR and more.

Eyewear parades are staged throughout the show period at the gallery, featuring models sporting exhibitors’ latest designs.

Added Value

The 15th Hong Kong Optometric Conference is staged during the fair, bringing in overseas experts to discuss the topic of Neuro Vision Rehabilitation. Winning entries from the annual Hong Kong Eyewear Design Competition are on display at the fairground, providing a creative window on the future. The seminar series showcases the latest information on market intelligence, the newest developments in technologies and upcoming trends. Info box:

Hong Kong Optical Fair
8-10 November 2017
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Fair website: www.hktdc.com/ex/hkopticalfair/26
Mobile app – HKTDC Marketplace/ HKTDC Mobile
Mobile Info Site - hktdc.com/wap/optical/T119

Focus on the Better Things in Life with Tawazi’s Presbyo Offerings



The digital times we live in have made our lives rather technologically advanced. This means constant demands are made on our eyes by gadgets at home, at work, and even in our vehicles, making eye care a top priority.

Tawazi Trading believes in the value of high-end products providing quality vision and thus enhancing the quality of life; a proof of this is our partnership with Safilens – an industry leader known for its high-performance products like the Clear Contact Lenses & Lens Care Solutions that are designed with innovation at its core.

One such revolutionary product offering is contact lenses for presbyopia with the patented afocal design. These new monthly silicone hydrogel contact lenses are called Open 30 Presbyo. Daily disposable packs by the name of Fusion 1day Presbyo are also available as hydrogel lenses.

Presbyopia is a natural decline in vision where normal loss of near focusing ability occurs with age. Most people begin to notice the effects of presbyopia sometime around age 40, when they start having trouble seeing small print clearly - including text messages on their phone. Afocal design offers multiple benefits – it prevents all the abnormalities caused by stronger lenses, a reduction in the number of parameters, a simpler fitting process and easy adaptation also for the most demanding patients.

Quick to adapt

An afocal lens is said to increase the depth of field and consequently the width of the accommodation range. Unlike a multifocal lens that requires a complex adaptation process, this Presbyo technology requires no adaptation time, since simultaneous vision is not involved in the process. This means patients don’t feel the discomfort arising due to adaptation issues.

Excellent comfort

The ‘LacriMass’ design allows non-uniform distribution of the tear film on the outer surface of the lens, increasing its thickness in the peripheral areas, where the major causes of eyestrain arise. The lens also uses the ‘fusiontechnology,’ that normalizes and stabilizes the physiological relationship between the tear film and the surface of the eye, giving wearers more natural, longer-lasting comfort than before.

Consistent performance

Additionally, the afocal design offers stable, clear and well-defined images under any light condition. Unlike multifocal lenses, an afocal lens uses more than 90% of the light to put an image into focus and is not influenced by poor lighting, or the pupil size.

Fusion 1day Presbyo and Open 30 Presbyo lenses are both quick and easy to apply, ensuring immediate results without any period of adaptation while offering excellent hygiene, comfort and practicality.

Tawazi Optical Trading LLC – in step with the future of optical care solutions

Tawazi provides partners with a comprehensive portfolio of optical related products that enhance their value propositions and customers experience to maximize their ROI. A relentless focus on customer service coupled with quality European products make Tawazi the ideal partner to grow your business. Add to that a robust geographical presence across Middle East, Africa, Turkey and India; while running direct sales in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, KSA and Qatar. With Tawazi Trading, stay in step with the future of optical care solutions and live your life with more clarity and focus. For more information about its Presbyo range of products or to become a Tawazi partner connect through the following:

Email : orders.uae@tawazi.net
Phone : +971 4 388 4802
Fax : +971 4 388 4803
Tawazi Optical Trading LLC
Office No: F61, Curve Building
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
P.O Box 13849
Phone: +971 4 338 7751
Fax : +971 4 338 7752

Daegu International Optical Show Grows Stronger Each Year




DIOPS 2017 - The 16th Daegu International Optical Show, a leading exhibition for the Korea eyewear industry successfully received foreign buyers from different parts of the world who participated despite the sensitive international situations. DIOPS showed great possibilities and huge potential of Korea eyewear brands and designs against global eyewear market this year.

Korea eyewear industry’s unique design and brands are becoming increasingly popular not only in South East Asia but also in global market. Korea eyewear has provided technical excellence and high quality products so far. But they also have a lot of strength in design and brand. DIOPS is the only optical show in Korea to showcase all Korea eyewear design and brands, while it continues to be a growing international show.

DIOPS encountered changes this year. Chinese buyers, who made up the largest ethnic group in DIOPS until last year, have decreased in total due to the complicated international issues. However, the number of participating countries increased from 32 to 45 countries. Overseas buyers from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam increased two-fold, and new buyers from Israel, Laos, Myanmar, Spain, Egypt, Kyrgyzstan, and Peru visited, which reflected new possibility of market diversification.

On the other hand, Korean domestic buyers increased from 6,940 to 7,498. Korean domestic buyers such as opticians, optometrist and eyewear chain store visited to DIOPS more than last year. During the show, there was the optician mandatory education of Korea Optometric Association.

Furthermore, introduction of reinforced business facilities and better design quality in accordance with new “Change and Renew” concept elicited great response from participants. They strengthened participating companies’ brand marketing support through new product launching shows and visiting concerts. Besides, foreign buyers highly praised newly changed overall environment of DIOPS where businesses and events were well mixed together.

For new product launching show, model images could be used for marketing. As many as 22 buyers applied for this to show their new products to participating buyers and media. Meeting rooms for companies and buyers were booked every-day.

Above all, DIOPS established itself as business exhibition only allowing companies to make a purchase, had stricter foreign buyer verification program, and vitalized domestic market by attracting more domestic buyers. DIOPS played its role as the only optical show in Korea promoting Korean eyeglasses business and ensuring the internal stability.

DIOPS secretariat finding great potential in Korean eyewear industry officially announced that they will focus more on attracting buyers from different countries and keep increasing the domestic market to make DIOPS to be true to its name as the only optical exhibition in Korea.

Overview of DIOPS 2018

1. Title: The 17th Daegu International Optical Show (DIOPS 2018)
2. Dates: Apr. 18 - Apr. 20, 2018 / 3days
3. Venue: EXCO, KOREA
4. Participant & Scale: 220 companies, 20,077㎡, 30,000visitors (from 34 countries)
5. Products: Frames, Lenses, Sunglasses, Contact Lenses, Sports Glasses, Reading Glasses, Optical Instruments, Frame & Lens Processing Equipment, Optical Measuring Machine, Display cases, Lens Cleaners, Cases & Accessories etc.
6. Events:
- Opening ceremony & VIP luncheon
- Overseas buyer tour
- Opticians Mandatory Education
- Korea Eyewear Design competition
- Fashion Show

Rise in Number of Contact Lens Manufacturers at Vision-X 2017




With the 18th edition of Vision-X, the largest exhibition for eyecare and eyewear professionals in the region which takes place from 17-19 October 2017 at the Dubai World Trade Centre just the round the corner, a recent census of optician stores in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) revealed that the power of shopping malls to attract consumer buying behaviour is growing, with a 22% rise in the number of shopping mall-based opticians since 2014. These locations now account for one third of all optician business in the Emirates.

Vision-X brings buyers and sellers together each year to source new products and suppliers, and catch up with the latest trends, customers, contacts and industry information. Attracting more than 4,000 buyers from over 70 countries, Vision-X will showcase many of the latest brands with dedicated areas for business owners and managers to improve their operations.

GfK, the global market research organisation that runs a frequent census for the UAE, also found that the demand for both prescription and beauty lenses has increased since 2016, growing 9% and 6%, respectively.

Asma Alsharif, Visions-X’s Exhibition Director said: “The results presented in the census directly correlate with the trends we’ve witnessed ahead of this year’s edition of Vision-X. There has been a significant boom in the number of contact lens manufacturers registering, as companies seek to carve out their share of the burgeoning optical industry in the Middle East, cited to be worth ㎡2.4 billion.”

According to the census, growth slowed in the first part of 2017, especially in the Technical Consumer Goods and Eyewear sectors, while the Contact Lenses sector showed itself to be more resilient. During this period, contact lenses demand grew 4% compared to the same period in 2016, pushed up by daily contact lenses (spherical and beauty). In addition to showcasing the latest products and designs, the Vision-X event will host a series of contact lens workshops highlighting the latest technology and techniques for delegates, offering hands-on experience and an opportunity to earn valuable CPD points for their practices.

Running alongside these workshops is the Vision-X Opticare Conference, a staple for the show, which will host experts in the fields of ophthalmology, optometry and paediatrics to discuss the latest developments and pressing issues in the industry of eyecare.

In addition to many European exhibitors, Vision-X will accommodate an influx of South Korean brands and manufacturers to support a growing interest from companies exhibiting trends and influences from eastern markets.

Running alongside these workshops is the Vision-X Opticare Conference, which will host experts in the fields of ophthalmology, optometry and paediatrics to discuss the latest developments and pressing issues in the industry of eyecare. Plus, the Vision-X VP Awards returns for the fourth year to provide a platform for leading brands to celebrate the best in business.
يمكن كشف الألزهايمر مبكراً عن طريق اختبار فحص البصر

تم اكتشاف الإرتباط بين طبقة البروتين المترسبة على شبكية العين والصفائح في الدماغ




بن كوكسورث
حالياُ يتوجب على الأطباء استخدام المسح الشعاعي scan PETلفحص الدماغ من أجل الحصول على تشخيص نهائي لمرض الألزهايمر. الأمر لا يتعلق بالتكلفة العالية، بل يتطلب أيضاً إعطاء المريض حقنة تحتوي على مادة إشعاعية. بينما، قريباً قد يصبح فحص بصر بسيط هو كل ما يحتاجه الأمر، ويمكن عن طريقه كشف المرض بسرعة أكبر من ذي قبل.

تعتبرالصفائح المتراكمة إحدى السمات الرئيسية للألزهايمر وهي صفائح تتشكل من البروتين الذي يعرف باسم بيتا أميلويد في دماغ المصاب، حيث تتلف وتدمر الخلايا الدماغية. هذه الصفائح هي مايبحث عنه المسح الشعاعي scan PET .

من ناحية أخرى، بناء على دراسة سابقة، اكتشف فريق من مركز سيدارز سيناي الطبي أن هذه الطبقات المترسبة هي ذاتها التي تظهر على شبكية العين (خلف العين)، ويوجد ربط بين كمية الصفائح المكتشفة هناك مع كمية الصفائح في مناطق معينة من الدماغ. بناء على ذلك، فإن فحص البصر يمكنه أن يكشف الحالة قبل سنوات من تعرض المريض الى أعراض حقيقية.

في خلال تجربة سريرية، خضع 16 مريضاً بالألزهايمر إلى فحوصات بصر عادية، بعد تناولهم محلول يحتوي على مادة الكركمين، الذي يستخرج من الكركم. يتسبب الكركمين في إظهار ترسبات الأميلويد في شبكية العين حتى نستطيع الكشف عنها. عند مقارنة نتائج الفحص مع مجموعة أخرى من الأصحاء، تم التأكد من وجود الرابط بين الترسبات على كل من شبكية العين والدماغ.

يقول الدكتور كيث ايل بلاك الذي يقود فريق البحث : " يحدونا الأمل أن نستطيع في نهاية المطاف استخدام فحص البصر التحقيقي كأداة اختبارية للكشف عن المرض مبكراً بما فيه الكفاية للتدخل وتغيير مسار الاعتلال بواسطة الأدوية العلاجية وتغيير نمط الحياة."
< تم نشر ورقة البحث مؤخرا في نشرية JCI Insight. المصدر: مركز سيدراز- سيناي الطبي.
سوار سونو يعمل على الموجات الصوتية المرتدة ليساعد الأعمى على التعامل مع محيطه

يستطيع سونو الارشاد عن الأجسام على بعد 13 قدم (4 م)

نك لافارز
تستطيع التقنيات الحديثة أن تلعب دوراً حيوياً في تحسين قدرات المعاقين بصرياً على التنقل في حياتهم اليومية. إن الأفكار التي تتمثل في استخدام العصا والنظارات المتطورة تقنياً تجمع قوة دفع حقيقية، تماماً كما تفعل الأساور الذكية مثل سونو التي تم تقديمها مؤخراً.

تتشابه سونو مع الأدوات الأخرى التي تساعد على التنقل والتي شاهدناها في الماضي، مثل اداة التاسيت والعصا العملية، التي تستخدم مزيجاً من السونار ورد الفعل اللمسي من أجل توجيه المستخدم عبر العقبات المحيطة. هذا النهج في تحديد الموقع بالصدى هو نفس نهج الخفافيش في التعرف على طريقها بإطلاقها الموجات الصوتية ومن ثم تقدير مدى بعد الأجسام بالاستماع إلى صداها.

في حالة السونو، تضاف القراءات الصادرة من السونار إلى رد الفعل اللمسي للاسترشاد عن الأجسام حتى بعد 13 قدم (4 م). كلما كان الجسم أقرب كلما اشتدت قوة الموجة الصوتية المرتدة وكذلك زادت قوة الاهتزاز على السوار، بينما تدل الاهتزازات الضعيفة على أن أمامك مساحة خالية أكثر في محيطك.

يمكن تحديد مدى دقة هذه الاهتزازات بواسطة تطبيق هاتف ذكي مصاحب، مع ان المخترعين يقولون ان هذا الأمر اختياري حيث أن ليس بالضرورة أن يملك كل الأشخاص الذين بستخدمون السونو هاتفاً ذكياً. كذلك تمتاز البطارية بالقدرة على العمل لأربعة ساعات متواصلة.

يمكن طلب السونو من خلال الموقع الالكتروني للشركة بسعر 250$ شاملة مصاريف التوصيل.

المصدر : سونو عبر مركز ميت تكنولوجي.
نظارات شمسية كهربائية تحتوي على خلايا شمسية

العدسات تشغل المعالج الدقيق، جهازين للاستشعار وشاشتين للعرض




بن كوكسورث
إذا كنت تستفيد من الشمس لتشغيل هاتفك النقال الذي تحمله، فإنه من المنطقي أن تضع الخلايا الشمسية على شيء ترتديه ويستقبل كمية وفيرة من أشعة الشمس. بناء على ذلك ابتكر باحثون من معهد كارلسروه الألماني نظارات شمسية تولد تياراً كهربائياً عن طريق خلايا شمسية يتضاعف حسب عدساتها.

تم اختيار خلايا شمسية عضوية بدلاً من خلايا السيليكون التقليدية لأنها شفافة ومرنة وخفيفة الوزن ويمكنها أن تصنع بأشكال وألوان متنوعة. كل خلية في العدسة تزن حوالي ستة جرامات وتبلغ سماكتها 1.6 ملم وصممت لتتناسب مع إطارات النظارات الشمسية المنتجة لأغراض تجارية.

تم تركيب ميزات اضافية إلى أذرع تلك الاطارات، بما فيها المعالج وجهازين للاستقبال وشاشتين للعرض. تشغل العدسة تلك الالكترونيات، التي تقيس بدورها وتعرض كثافة الإضاءة الحالية ودرجة الحرارة في المحيط عبر الشريط البياني.

على الرغم من أنها تعمل بشكل أفضل تحت أشعة الشمس المباشرة، إلا أن كل عدسة تستطيع أن تولد كهرباء بمقدار 200 ميلليواط في محيط الإضاءة المنزلية بحد أدنى 500 لكس (وحدة إضاءة)، وهو معدل الإضاءة في معظم المكاتب أو المنازل. على الرغم من أن 200 ميلليواط لا تبدو كمية كبيرة، لكنها كافية لتشغيل جهاز مثل سماعة الأذن أو عداد المشي.

من الممكن أيضا تطبيق هذه التقنية على نوافذ المباني، حيث يصبح بإمكانها إنتاج طاقة كهربائية بكميات أكبر.

تم نشر ورقة البحث مؤخرا في نشرية تقنيات الطاقة.

المصدر: معهد كارلسروه للتكنولوجيا



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