Decorative contact lenses: A horror story

Wouldn’t it be cool to have vampire eyes for Halloween? Or deep violet eyes to match your purple sweater? How about your favorite sports team’s logo on your eyes just for fun?

You can have all of these looks with decorative contact lenses (sometimes called “fashion,” “costume,” or “colored” contact lenses). These lenses don’t correct vision—they just change how your eyes look. But before buying decorative lenses, here’s what you should know. Read more

New initiative to fight sight loss, promote sight


Julian Jackson, founder of VisionBridge

As someone who lost his sight to retinitis pigmentosa, Julian Jackson (ex Senior Adviser to Fight for Sight) is passionate about promoting the science behind sight and introducing the extraordinarily pioneering and innovative world of eye research to patients, the public, and eye health professionals across the UK.

Julian has launched “VisionBridge“, a fully independent, not-for-profit organisation which is designed to promote eye research, raise awareness and understanding of sight loss, link patient feedback to junior doctors’ curriculum content and generate funds for a new restricted fund for translational research which will avoid the unnecessary overheads and running costs of a traditional charity fundraising model.

VisionBridge will not only provide expert speakers for talks and presentations across the UK but it will also offer expert advice to all media, link patients to researchers via workshops and panels, signpost corporate and private funders to a new restricted fund for translational research and support the UK Vision Strategy. None of VisionBridge‘s Speakers will be obliged to promote any specific charity but are welcome to accredit any funder that has or is currently supporting their research.

“The response from academic researchers, clinician scientists, clinicians, patients and a range of organisations active in the sight loss sector to the launch of VisionBridge has been hugely positive and I feel very encouraged by this,” Julian said.

For more information on how to support VisionBridge as a stakeholder and/or as a Speaker, please contact Julian Jackson on:

Read more about VisionBridge in the upcoming issue of EYEZONE Magazine.