Here comes the sun, keep your eyes safe

Eyezone Blog-Here comes the sun, keep your eyes safe


July is UV Safety Month

UV radiation can damage your eyes as well as your skin. Studies suggest that overexposure to UV radiation can cause eye cataracts, eye damage, and suppression of the immune system, in general. May they be your family, friends, or colleagues – everyone is equally at risk for eye damage due to overexposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

The sun’s UV rays can burn the cornea of your eyes, which can result in cataracts that may ultimately cause blindness. Even short periods of exposure can lead to serious damage. Read more

Reduce the effects of AMD with quality sunglasses

Guest post by Sally Collins

Eyezone Blog-Reduce the effects of AMD with quality sunglasses-Sally Collins

The eyewear market in the Middle East is predicted to hit US$5.86 billion by 2023. The UAE leads the way, with the huge demand for luxury sunglasses being key to the UAE’s dominance. But sunglasses are much more than just a luxury fashion item. They are essential when it comes to protecting your vision. UV and blue light damage the retina’s pigment cells, which accelerates conditions like age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Yet, by wearing a quality pair of sunglasses, it’s possible to filter out these types of radiation. Furthermore, those suffering from AMD should wear protective sunglasses not only outdoors, but also sometimes indoors, too. Read more

New optical business directory hits the web

Eyezone Blog-Optiguide launchKuwait: EYEZONE Magazine, the first optical magazine in the Middle East, has launched a comprehensive online directory called Eyezone Optiguide. It covers a whole gamut of data relevant in building optical business transactions such as a company’s basic info plus its overview, contact details, route maps, brand and product features, images, and videos, in addition to a plethora of upcoming optical shows and latest industry news. The directory has gone live on January 26, 2017 and can be accessed at

Aside from housing company basic portfolios and brand presentations, Eyezone Optiguide also publishes a chunkful of recent happenings within the optical market and are available in a straightforward, easy to use platform and search capabilities. The site serves as a helpful resource for companies in search for their ideal clients.

The listing is categorized as follows: frames and sunglasses, kids’ eyewear, ophthalmic lenses, clear and colored contact lenses, equipment, accessories, and decor. Moreover, the site offers an All In One Map for quick location-based lookup and a Help Center detailing the how-tos of the site. Eyezone Optiguide is also accessible on mobile devices and is surely promising to become a gold mine of optical business essentials worldwide.


Novelty eyewear: from strange to stardom?

Don’t we all love unusual gifts? Well, at least some of us do and couldn’t forget that funny propeller cap, or the chattery teeth, or even the not-so-grouchy Groucho glasses. These nostalgic uber-popular retro novelty items continued to rise to popularity that they passed on their artsy genes into the world of today despite their strange look. And speaking of Groucho glasses, which one of these odd and peculiar eye-wearables do you think will rise to stardom like the rest of the trendsetters out there? Let’s find out.

HB Eyeglasses

The pen is not as mighty anymore because this pair of HB eyeglasses is not your usual eye best friend but can also become your writing companion drawn from a weird perspective.

Crown Sunglasses

Ok. We get it. You want to be king of specs. Do wear one of these and go ahead, flaunt that royal flair at children’s parties. Just try not to get decrowned while playing with toddlers.

Dollar Sunglasses

This a-dollar-an-eye pair of glasses looks so fantastic that, methinks, it would give the designers of some of the other novelty items a run for their money.

Straw Eyewear

Now, can we drink to these super cool frames made out of swirling straw? Obviously, we can! Feeling thirsty?

Complimentary classes for sales professionals at Eyezone Institute

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Eyezone Institute of Opticianry is pleased to invite you to enrol in its Complimentary Professional Sales Training Program, a student-friendly program sponsored by reputed institutions and organizations, while the faculty members strive to consistently provide quality education to students. The complimentary classes are also flexible that students have the liberty to choose among the list of courses and schedules according to their target training levels, as well as, their work timetables.

  • Learn Progressive Lenses basics, preventing and handling complaints, modern technology and improving market on progressives.
  • Be proficient in hygienic practices and proper care of Contact Lenses, contact lens essentials, preventing and handling feedback, and dealing with other special cases.
  • Stay knowledgeable on types of Ophthalmic Lenses coating and filters.
  • Become an expert on Sunglasses, Polarized Lenses, and Sales, client-centered marketing.
  • Review and refresh your optical knowledge, and learn the latest strategies for better performance.
  • Accredited certificates will be distributed after completion of the program.

Visit Eyezone Institute of Opticianry for details.


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Massive overseas visitors turnout for WOF 2016

Eyezone-WOF-2016The recently concluded 14th Wenzhou Int’l. Optics Fair, China, also known as, WOF 2016, was met with great success. According to the organizers, the total on-site transaction reached 110 million, a 10% increase compared last year. During the three-day exhibition, over 14,160 professional buyers visited the fair including an estimate of 1,000 overseas visitors from India, Korea, US, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Japan, South Africa, the Philippines, Italy, Canada, etc. The number of foreign visitors inflated and exceeded last year’s count, totaling a 22.15% increase.

Eyezone-WOF-2016As one of the top three professional optical fairs in China, WOF 2016 occupied an exhibition area of 25,000 sqm which was expanded by 25% from last year. Over 400 exhibitors from Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shanghai, Canton, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Dongguan, Wuxi, Zhenjiang, Xingtai, Jiaxing, Taizhou, and Wenzhou appeared in the fair with exhibits covering finished glasses, equipment, raw materials, accessories, package, lens, etc. Potential buyers, along with thousands of professional buyers, attended the fair to arrange business deals and negotiations on-site.

Meanwhile, WOF also landed on the list of the 2016 Important International Exhibitions in Wenzhou, while winning in the Zhejiang Top 10 Brand Exhibitions.

Read the full report on WOF 2016 in the upcoming issue of EYEZONE Magazine.

Rihanna crafts Star Trek inspired sunglasses



It’s been entirely work, work, work, work, work for Rihanna since the Secret Garden IV campaign as she crafts Dior sunglasses with pure lines and futuristic accents in a range of metalized colors and strong 80s vibes. Simply named “Rihanna”, the collection replicates La Forge’s shades, minus his ocular implants. The House of Dior ambassadress says the sunglasses will hit the stores in early June, and will include six variations: silver, pink, blue, green, and red, plus a 24-karat-gold-plated variation.