Keeping your eyes healthy this holiday

Seasons greetings! As the weather gets colder everyone gets busy. Your eyes have to last you a lifetime, so taking care of them is incredibly important. Your lifestyle can cause significant strain on your eye health and can have a harmful effect on your sight, especially as you grow older. Here are some Tips to take good care of your eye health…
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Drinking hot tea every day linked to lower glaucoma risk

Glaucoma causes fluid pressure to build up inside the eye (intraocular pressure), damaging the optic nerve. It is one of the leading causes of blindness worldwide, and currently affects 57.5 million people, and is expected to increase to 65.5 million by 2020.
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Feeling Van Gogh on World Sight Day



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Van Gogh Museum marked the 2016 World Sight Day celebration with free multi-sensory tours to focus global attention on blindness & vision impairment. The programme, called Feeling Van Gogh, includes an interactive tour and an opportunity to touch high-quality reproductions of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, so that visitors can explore the beloved Dutch painter’s artworks in depth.

On the day of the campaign, a free interactive tour, as well as, a workshop were prepared for  visually impaired visitors, along with their sighted friends, family, and carers.

Van Gogh Museum is located in Amsterdam.

Novelty eyewear: from strange to stardom?

Don’t we all love unusual gifts? Well, at least some of us do and couldn’t forget that funny propeller cap, or the chattery teeth, or even the not-so-grouchy Groucho glasses. These nostalgic uber-popular retro novelty items continued to rise to popularity that they passed on their artsy genes into the world of today despite their strange look. And speaking of Groucho glasses, which one of these odd and peculiar eye-wearables do you think will rise to stardom like the rest of the trendsetters out there? Let’s find out.

HB Eyeglasses

The pen is not as mighty anymore because this pair of HB eyeglasses is not your usual eye best friend but can also become your writing companion drawn from a weird perspective.

Crown Sunglasses

Ok. We get it. You want to be king of specs. Do wear one of these and go ahead, flaunt that royal flair at children’s parties. Just try not to get decrowned while playing with toddlers.

Dollar Sunglasses

This a-dollar-an-eye pair of glasses looks so fantastic that, methinks, it would give the designers of some of the other novelty items a run for their money.

Straw Eyewear

Now, can we drink to these super cool frames made out of swirling straw? Obviously, we can! Feeling thirsty?

Rihanna crafts Star Trek inspired sunglasses



It’s been entirely work, work, work, work, work for Rihanna since the Secret Garden IV campaign as she crafts Dior sunglasses with pure lines and futuristic accents in a range of metalized colors and strong 80s vibes. Simply named “Rihanna”, the collection replicates La Forge’s shades, minus his ocular implants. The House of Dior ambassadress says the sunglasses will hit the stores in early June, and will include six variations: silver, pink, blue, green, and red, plus a 24-karat-gold-plated variation.

Anime eyes for real!

Hinamori-Amu-Shugo-Chara Image from Google.
Hinamori Amu from the anime, Shugo Chara! Image from Google.
A Japanese company has made it possible to make your eyes look like an anime heroine. The cosmetics research firm has fueled the world’s obsession with anime by creating contact lenses which promise to make your eyes “shine like a 2D cartoon hero”. There are three types of lenses to choose from – the Ururu Eye (which means “teary-eyed” in Japanese), the Kirakira Eye (which translates to “sparkly-eyed”) and finally Kiratto Eye (or the “bright-eyed”), all promising to give the impression of that twinkly, shimmery eye you see in Japanese cartoons. The lenses retail at 3,300 Japanese yen (£17).  (Source: Agencies)