Are you a writer?

Do you want to publish your writings? Are you interested in topics on eye care? If your answer is yes, then Eyezone Blog wants you.

What articles would we like to publish?

  • Unique and interesting trivia about the eyes and related topics
  • How-to-do-it tutorials of eye care products, equipment, etc.
  • Articles featuring eye care professionals or exceptional people helping the industry grow
  • And other topics such as tips and trends, book reviews, etc.

Getting Started

  • Articles can run anywhere from 200-700 words and should be accompanied by images, when appropriate. Videos can run up to 5 minutes maximum in length.
  • When sending us an email, include a short introduction about yourself, as well as, your specific interest in optics. If you have previously been published, tell us where or share a link to the publication, if available.
  • Send your articles to
  • We’ll get back to you (usually in a week or two) to let you know if we are interested or not in your article. We may also make suggestions or help you develop it.

Here’s the Deal

  • All contributors will receive bylines and personal author bios.
  • Monetary compensation is not offered at this time, but we hope to be in a position to do so in the future.
  • Previously unpublished work is preferred.
  • All images or videos used in the articles must be yours or have permission from their owner unless they are in the public domain.

The Nuts and Bolts

You, the author, will retain all rights to your article (or video) and images; your work will not be re-sold by Eyezone to any third party.

You agree that If you use images that are not yours, you will supply us with permission from the owner to use them unless they are in the public domain. All images will be credited to their respective owners.

You agree not to republish your articles in any other media within six months of their appearance in the Eyezone Blog without our written permission.

The article will contain your name on a byline at the beginning of the article and a short biography about yourself at the end.

The article will also include your contact information (if applicable and requested by you).

You agree that, in addition to the publication of your work in the Blog, Eyezone may, at its option, reprint your work for company promotional purposes, with no additional compensation to you, in other venues such as, but not limited to, its newsletter, flyers, digital platforms, and the like.

You agree that you may not represent orally or in writing to any party that you are researching or writing an article or producing a video for Eyezone Blog until you have received our approval to write the article or produce the video.

You agree that you will not solicit on behalf of Eyezone Blog any hardware, software, books, videos or other equipment from manufacturers and/or suppliers unless we give you express written permission to do so.